Cormo Sport

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This 3-ply 100% Cormo wool is sourced from Geis Ranch in Campbell County, Wyoming and spun in Nazareth, PA. It features great elasticity and stitch definition. The wool featured in this yarn is 21 microns with a 4-inch staple length. 

  • Feel free to email me if you need a certain quantity in a certain color and I don't have it in stock! I would be happy to dye it for you! 
  • Please order enough yarn for your entire project. Each dye lot can differ. If you finish your project and have a full skein of unused, unwound yarn, you may contact us to exchange for store credit or product of equal value. No exchanges on partial skeins. 

Cormo Sport - 3-ply sport weight - 100% domestic Cormo wool - 4 oz. skein - approx. 400 yds.

Looking for a pattern for your Cormo Sport?  How about one of these patterns:

Leaves Cardigan by Kay Hopkins (Pattern on Kay’s site here)

Sail-Away by Julia Farwell-Clay, in Field Guide No. 7, Ease

Lambda Shawl by Julia Farwell-Clay

Clio by Elizabeth Doherty

Timbromania by Julia Farwell-Clay in Pom Pom Quarterly

Genoise by Anne Podlesak

Little Numina by Kristin TenDyke

Milestone Shawl by Kira Dulaney

River Bend Shawl by Kira Dulaney

Metronome by Julia Farwell-Clay

Swirl Hat by Cecelia Campochiaro in MDK Field Guide No. 5

Jemison Cowl by Bristol Ivy in Knitting Outside the Box

Casey Jones by Ryan Page Haas

Silencio by Lee Meredith

Russian Sage by Julia Farwell-Clay in Slow Knitting by Hannah Theissen

Birch Island Hat by Beatrice Perron Dahlen

Bonnie Banks Shawl by Beatrice Perron Dahlen

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