Wase Vest Coastal Kit

Sincere Sheep



Designed by Juliana Lustenader the Wase Vest is inspired by flowy fabrics found at outdoor summer festivals. It is a lightweight and versatile piece that could be worn many ways while enjoying the summer sun. The name Wase is a play on the word "ways", but also means "a wisp or bundle of hay or straw". Though it is called a vest, Wase can be worn in many ways; scarf, vest, shawl, or wrap! When worn as a garment, the sides of the vest are left to drape downward and sway in the wind, or they can be pinned up in front like a shawl for added coverage. The piece could be worn as a traditional scarf around the neck, one end pulled through an armhole, or draped over the shoulders like a shawl. The shape of the vest is unique, but very easy to make and wear.

This garment is knit flat from one side to the other lengthwise. It features a simple lace pattern mixed with dropped stitches and garter borders. This stitch pattern is repeated throughout the entire piece. Two armholes are made with simple bind-off and cast-on methods. The shoulders are shaped with a few extra repeats of the stitch pattern for a good fit.

This kit contains both the yarn and a Ravelry download code for the Wase Vest.  If you need an alternative to Ravelry please make a note when you check out.

Modeled Photo Credit: Ksenia Naidyon

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