Mason-Dixon Knitting Field Guide No. 7 - Ease

Sincere Sheep



It's officially summer here and Mason-Dixon Knitting has released Field Guide No. 7: Ease. We're pleased as punch that a pair of two colors of Sincere Sheep Cormo Sport are featured in Julia Farwell-Clay's design for her Sail-Away Shawl

FREE SHIPPING through Wednesday July 4th on all orders that include a copy of the Field Guide and at least one skein of Cormo Sport with code MDKEASE. 

How about we all just ditch life for a while and knit?

It’s summertime. Time for ease. Time to ease yourself into the sort of knitting that we adore: portable, easy to memorize, beautiful.

It is the lightest, ease-iest Field Guide yet. These four designs from Julia Farwell-Clay will lower the temperature by ten degrees. You won’t find a sleeve or a buttonhole band in here—the most taxing part of this Field Guide is to decide which of these elegant, clever patterns to make first. See all the designs below, and join us for the pure pleasure of knitting during the sunny season.

These are the designs we’ll be making during the dog days—they’ll give you the sort of knitting fun that can be had on a patio, a porch, a plane, or a pool.

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