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Bannock is a 3-ply worsted weight yarn features 100% Targhee wool from Montana and the Dakotas, milled in North Carolina and spun in Maine. This yarn is next to the skin soft but will hold up to abrasion better than a Merino yarn.  It is great for sweaters and accessories. 

 **Please feel free to email me if you need a certain quantity in a certain color and I don't have it in stock! I would be happy to dye it for you!**

Bannock - 3 ply worsted weight - 100% domestic Targhee wool - 4oz skein -280 yds


A note about Bannock's name:  The Targhee breed of sheep was developed at the U.S. Sheep Experiment Station in Dubois, Idaho in 1926.  The sheep were grazed in, and named after, the Targhee National Forest which was named after a chief of the Bannock Indians who had lived in the area in the 1860's.  


Looking for some pattern suggestions for Bannock?  The following patterns were all designed with Bannock:

Talula by Paula Pereira

Cosi Cosa by Julia Farwell-Clay

Spate by Jane Richmond

Bas Relief Hat by Kira Dulaney

Bas Relief Cowl by Kira Dulaney

Bas Relief Mitts by Kira Dulaney

Tualatin by Emma Welford

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